Caregivers, we’re putting experienced, registered educators within reach

Connect with state-registered teachers to fit your student's academic needs—whether it’s a couple of hours a week for a specific subject or a full-time commitment for your family or pod.


You need help with your child’s educational needs during the pandemic and beyond

We’re founded by parents, we know how hard things at home are as we navigate career expectations and educating our kids during Covid-19. We felt helpless as we sat at our kitchen table and talked through options. Bringing in a college student to help didn’t feel in the best interest of our children. Using Facebook to discover a “teacher” to instruct our kids felt weird. Finding an educator, convincing them to help us part-time, vetting them, and negotiating the price is a process we couldn’t find time for. We could use a place like edu2you, and we knew other parents could, too.

how it works


Create a profile. In everyone's best interest, this process requires a background check.


Once verified, post jobs and look through educator profiles. Find teachers based on subject, hourly rate, and more.


Connect with educators to make sure they're a fit for your family.


Set the date, time, and setting. Your educator meets your student(s) online or in face-to-face situations that all parties are comfortable with.


edu2you will charge your connected account after your student receives their instruction and we handle the payments to educators.

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a quick word from edu2you

We’re here to cause a ruckus. We’re radical supporters of educators and families, and this platform one step in that direction. We care the health, safety, and hearts of teachers. We also care about students — and that means all of them, not just the ones with parents or caregivers who have the resources to access something like edu2you. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel of education, we want to break it and rebuild it.