Educator FAQ

We've built this list of FAQs by speaking with teachers just like you. It's impossible to answer every question, so if you need more information don't hesitate to contact our team.

What’s edu2you?

The first platform built to connect state-licensed educators with families for private instruction. We help solve the problem of education during a pandemic by providing a place to put verified teachers within reach of caregivers that need help.

Why’s this necessary?

Currently, there aren’t many options for teachers to make a living outside of the classroom, and caregivers need help navigating the demands of distance-learning, twice-a-week cohorts, and homeschooling. Putting everyone under one roof makes sense to us.

Why do you need my license number?

A couple of reasons. Caregivers want the assurance that they’re working with a real educator, and the ability to verify a license number in a state database provides certainty that they’re working with pros. Verified, state-licensed teachers have more knowledge of the public education system and more experience than tutors, college students, and “that one kid in the neighborhood that worked at a daycare.” This means you can demand pay that’s commensurate with your skills and certifications. 

How are families vetted?

Each caregiver submits for a background check. Once verified, they’ll be allowed to interact on the platform.

How much can I make?

That’s up to you. You set your hourly rate and choose when to work. Looking for something to do in the evenings or on weekends? You can fill your time by helping students that are being left behind due to circumstances they can’t control. Wondering if you can replace your teacher’s salary with us? We’ll let you do that math.

How do I get paid?

When you create a profile, you’ll connect a financial account to your edu2you profile. Hours are logged through the platform, and we handle invoicing caregivers. We’ll put payments into your edu2you account, and you can transfer it into your bank whenever you want. 

Am I an edu2you employee? Are there evaluations?

You don’t work for us. You work for yourself. The only evaluations received come in the form of reviews from caregivers of the students. These reviews will be displayed within your profile.

Do I get benefits?

Currently, no. We aspire to create a benefit fund for teachers on our platform in the future. More to this point, we’re in full support of labor. Our platform will help lead the charge with regard to worker’s rights in the gig economy, and we’ll never let our bottom line get in the way of doing the right thing by the people that join our community.

Is this online or in-person instruction?

You can connect with families in settings that are comfortable for you. If you like it, we love it.

edu2you fees.

When you transfer money from edu2you into your bank account, we’ll withhold 5% of your payment as a fee for use of edu2you. For context, if your hourly rate is $30, then edu2you will collect $1.50 per hour as a fee, making your true hourly rate $28.50. 

Who’s behind this?

We’re parents that have the highest amount of respect for you, our educators. We recognized the need for a space where you can continue working with children in settings that are safer and easier to manage than the classroom during Covid-19. As an organization, we’re here to serve and elevate you as you march on toward a career of empowered earning.

Our promise to you.

We’ll remain in the corner of teachers — always. You’ll feel appreciated and heard as members of this community, and we’ll always aim to hit our core values to Empower, Help, and Care.

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