Educators - The Time to Earn on Your Terms Is Now

Connect with parents and caregivers looking for help from experienced, vetted, state-licensed teachers as they navigate education during a pandemic.


We don’t give our favorite teachers apples — we help them grow their own orchard

We empower educators to continue pursuing their passion for educating children on their terms by providing them a platform to connect with families grappling with our current education arrangement. You set your rate, choose how many clients to work with, and determine the number of hours to work per week. You’re the boss of you with edu2you.

how it works


Create a profile. This includes providing your state-issued teacher number so parents can be confident they're working with a pro.


Once verified, you'll set your schedule, start applying to job posts from parents, and answer direct invites to jobs.


Connect with caregivers to make sure you're a good fit for their needs.


Parents select and pay for a date and time slot from your schedule. You can meet student(s) online or in face-to-face situations that all parties are comfortable with.


Your hours are automatically tracked, and edu2you will make a transfer to your account after each completed session.


When edu2you makes a transfer to you, we'll withhold 5% as a fee for use of the platform. After that, move your money to your connected financial account whenever you want.

Respecting and valuing educators isn’t a new idea, but this platform is. It’s natural to have questions, so visit our FAQ to learn more.


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a quick word from edu2you

We’re here to cause a ruckus. We’re radical supporters of educators and families, and this platform one step in that direction. We care the health, safety, and hearts of teachers. We also care about students — and that means all of them, not just the ones with parents or caregivers who have the resources to access something like edu2you. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel of education, we want to break it and rebuild it.